This chance, I will share about the best dressed celebrity brides at all time. Day by day, the celebrities’ fashion always be the trendsetter for their fans so with the celebrities’ bridal gown. The celebrity or the actress always has good looks that make us always adore them. Celebrities wedding are also always amazing and […]

You may have plus size body or even petite body. Whatever body shape and size we have, we are beautiful in our way. Do you looking for tips for petite short wedding dress? You are lucky because I will give you some tips here at this article. When you have a petite body, you must […]

Beach Laced Wedding Dress 2019 – Having an unusual wedding can be a pride for every bride. That’s why many people held their wedding at the unusual venue. While people tired with the indoor wedding, they will prefer to choose the outdoor wedding venue. One of the most favorite outdoor wedding venues is beach. Holding […]

Sewing Lace Onto Velvet Wedding Dress – A beautiful wedding dress usually has a lace as its pattern. Besides the lace pattern, there are also commonly known taffeta and satin pattern but the lace pattern is the most popular I think. Besides lace, velvet also can make the wedding dress turn more beautiful. Did you […]

Short Informal Wedding Dresses – There are many choices available for us when choosing the wedding dress for our wedding. We can choose the formal wedding dress or the informal wedding dress. if you love to be casual and simple at your wedding, the short informal wedding dress will be the right choice for you. […]